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Beer Bar

Rent this Beer Tap Bar for your special event or wedding. This is a unique beer bar that allows for 2 tapped beverages (beer/cider). Your guests will love this bar, and it will be a nice show piece at your event!! A definite conversation piece!

The bar is constructed out of distressed wood and has a rustic feel to it. Can accommodate 2 full sized kegs, or anything smaller. This bar includes the beer station,  a jockey box system, 2 beer taps,  two keg ice tubs, and decorations as shown in photos. Beer, Ice,  keg attachment service, and CO tank are not included and renter is responsible for providing those items. Your beer supplier or bartender will hook up the keg to the jockey box system. This bar measures 61" Tall x, 52"x Wide, by 25" Deep.

We have a two rental packages available:
1). Stand alone rental: Rental includes delivery and removal of the bar after your event
cost is $350.00 (apply's only to Santa Cruz County.)

2). If you book a wedding floral package with us- rental for the Beer Bar is $200.00
which entails full service package for you ceremony reception, and bridal party.

There is a $500.00 deposit, which will be returned when the bar is returned or picked up after your event. If there are damages to the bar,  or to the equipment, fees will be taken out of the deposit. Please note that decorations are "rentals" and if decorations are not returned renter will be responsible for the value of such decorations.

Delivery charges outside of Santa Cruz County will be dependent upon distance/miles of your event location/venue.

Please contact us to make reservations. Below are the two rental applications.

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