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Karla has been an artist for as long as she has been alive. It all started when she was in preschool and thought that painting  another pre-school student with paint was fun. Unfortunately, she got sent home that day, but the artist in her was born! Karla has always had a gift to be creative, and has worked with many different mediums including Native American themed, interior design, decor, and flowers.  She also has been selling her art work for the past 20 years through her business Karlas Kreations in various local art shops, outdoor art festivals, and through Esty. She formerly ran a full service floral shop, where she thrived with her floral designs.

After she graduated from college, she chose a profession related to her studies in a law enforcement field. She started working as a Probation Officer, and has held this career for over 16 years. Outside of her day job she has always dedicated time to her creative passions. About five years ago, a friend needed a florist for her private wedding venue, and Karla became the venue's Master Florist. That rekindled the passion she had for working with flowers and began to provide floral services for weddings and special events independently.


Working with flowers, and making events beautiful for her clients, has provided Karla with an outlet that her current day job can't provide. It provides a healing, and balance to her daily work life that is filled with so much negativity, pain, and suffering. It creates this balance, and zen for her, which fills, balances, and feeds her soul.

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